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What'd ya want ya bloody shank?
Hello there! Wanna know a basic fact about me? I draw a lot of original art. But it's hard NOT to draw fan art, since I am such a fan girl with an armada of ships!

And for the moment, no, I do not do commissions.

Also, I am a bit of a writer, and I draw the chatacters from my books occasionally. You should check out some of my writing! The link is below:
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  • Drinking: chocolate milk
So, last night I posted a brief apology stating that I regret not being active on this site, and how over winter break I planned to fix that...well that's not the only thing I need to fix because now my tablet is broken. 
Yesterday I was drawing on my tablet, and everything was fine, it was working better than it had in a while, and I was exploring a few new techniques on SAI. Everything was working smoothly, and I was really excited because I have not used my tablet since October. 
I don't use my tablet much, and I haven't even had it for a long time, maybe 2-3 years max. I always store it carefully in my desk drawer, and I haven't had many problems with it. The only issue I have ever had with it is, you know how when your earbuds are starting to die, and you have to position them in a certain way or else only one earbud has music, or there is no music at all? Yeah, that was what was happening to it last year. I managed to find the sweetspot, though, and found a way to keep it there so it would stop malfunctioning.
But then last night, after I had been working for a few hours I unplugged the device (I wasn't expecting to use it again) and left my room to get dinner. Well, when I got back I got the brilliant idea that I should draw the cover to my chapbook for my poetry class. So, I plugged my tablet back in, and I got a notification saying the USB device malfunctioned and that windows could not recognize it. I tried plugging the tablet into my other two USB ports, and got the same message. I decided it was probably my laptop's fault, I mean, how can you not recognize a device I had JUST USED, and decided to restart it. Once I went through 10,000 new updates, my computer rebooted, and I tried it again. The same thing happened. I thought maybe that sweetspot I found was no longer working, so I tried moving it around and trying a few different USB ports, and every single time, the same message popped up. That was when I realized that the light on my tablet was flashing, something I remember reading in the manual that there is a malfunction or something wrong with the device if it flashes. However, I don't have my manual with me, and even if I did I'm not sure if I would know how to fix it. 
If anyone knows what the problem might be, and how I might be able to fix it, please let me know. You can comment on this journal or DM me. 
If not, I am going to try and figure it out myself, and either fix it or get a new tablet. It's a good thing the Christmas season is coming, right?! 
So, until that happens, I don't know if I will be able to remain as active as I would like to. 
Thanks for understanding, guys. 
Happy Holidays! Love you guys, 


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Because I want to know who that person is, who makes my day and motivates me, I now am going to take a good look at your profile and gallery! (I hope you don't mind)
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